Maryland Wear & Carry FAQ's


How old do I have to be to obtain a Maryland Wear and Carry Permit?

In general,you have to be 21 to eligible the obtain your W&C Permit. There areexceptions for 18–21 year olds but these exceptions are limited for employmentpurposes.

I am a resident of another state, can I still get the Maryland Wear & Carry permit?

Yes, Maryland does not limit the permit to state residents. They will issue a permit to out of state residents

I am retired military am I training exempt?

Maryland has training exemptions for Military members, active and prior military. There are also exemptions for police and corrections training.

Are you going to be fingerprinting me in the class?

No, we do not include fingerprints as part of our course offerings. You will have to get your fingerprints completed at a live scan provider

I don’t own a gun, can I still take Maryland Wear and Carry Class?

You don’t need to own a firearm to take this class. We have firearms available for use while you’re in training with us. We will provide the ammunition and firearm for you for a small fee if you don’t have a firearm.

Do you have to have your HQL before taking this class?

No, you don’t have to have your HQL before taking this course. Actually, if you don’t have your HQL, once your approved for your wear and carry permit you can request to get your HQL for free.

Where do you hold your Maryland Wear and Carry Training?

We hold training in the Washington County Maryland Area, we have created relationships with several facilities who let us use their range and classroom resources.
Each class has specific location details, in general any of our locations are located approximately 10 minutes outside of Hagerstown. For those who are coming from the Baltimore/DC area we are about hours’ drive on the weekend.

Once I apply for my permit will Maryland state police interview me for the wear and carry permit?

The state law allows MSP to conduct interviews of applicants for the wear and carry permit, Since the NYSRPA vs Bruen Case we are being told that MSP is not conducting interviews. This doesn’t mean that they can’t or won’t conduct an interview of your application.    

How long is the Maryland wear and carry training good for?

According to COMAR, along with the other requirements listed an applicant
for the wear and carry permit must provide proof of completion of a Handgun
Permit Training Course within the previous 2 years.

How do I apply for the Maryland wear and carry permit and where do I find the application?

The Maryland State police requires that applicants for the wear and carry permit utilize the
online application portal on the MSP website. The application is digital, and you must submit the required documents digitally along with your application.  Link to the MSP Site -

What is
the course of fire for the Maryland wear and carry Permit?

The Basic
Practical Handgun (BPHC) course of fire for the wear and carry permit requires a
student to fire 25 rounds no further than 15 yards. A score of 70% or better is
required to pass. The student will generally shoot from the following positions






Do I still
have to provide a good and substantial reason for the Maryland wear and carry

On July 5th
2022 Maryland’s Governor directed the State Police to suspend the “good and substantial
reason” requirement from the wear and carry permit process. This was done to be
consistent with the supreme courts ruling in the NYSRPA vs Burden Supreme court
decision that upheld a person right to carry a handgun for self defense outside
the home. The decision struck down the state of New Yorks may issue license laws
which are similar to Maryland’s. The Maryalnd State Legislature will most
likely have to change the text in the states law removing the ”good and substantial
reason” provision.

MSP’s information
bulletin regarding the governors orders

Where can
I find specific laws about the Maryland wear and carry Permit?

For specific
laws you can search Maryland Code and COMAR which can be found online (see
links below). you can also find information from various pro-second amendment
organizations and sources online. We recommend the best way to get information
on Wear and Carry Laws is to consult an attorney.

What are
the Maryland Wear and Carry permit requirements?

In general, to
obtain a wear and carry permit you must not be a person who is ineligible to
possess, handle or own firearms. Maryland COMAR details the specific
requirements and qualifications.

Where can
I carry with my Maryland Wear and Carry Permit?

Maryland State
police provides some information on their website detailing “Where are Firearms
Prohibited?” the section details 13 areas that you are prohibited from carrying
firearms. We cover this topic in more detail in our Wear and Carry course but advise
all of our students that our list and the list on the state police website is
not to be considered “all inclusive”. Instead, students should consult an
attorney who can provide the best legal guidance regarding prohibited places.

Why is you’re
cost for the Maryland Wear and Carry course only $199 when other training
providers are charging significantly more?

We are committed
to our customers, one of those commitments is offering the wear and carry
course at reasonable price even when the demand his high. Our goal is to
provide quality service to our customers at a reasonable price while promoting
the second amendment.


feel free to reach out to us if you have any other questions

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